Has Your Loved One Been Arrested? 4 Ways To Secure Funds For A Bail Bond Release

If your loved one has been arrested, and you're struggling to come up with bail, there are steps you can take to come up with the funds. Even if you're working with a bail bond company, you're still going to need at least a portion of the bail in cash. Here are four steps you can take to help you obtain a bail bond for your loved one.

Request a Bail Reduction

If bail has been set for your loved one, and you can't come up with the cash for the bond, talk to the attorney about requesting a bail reduction. Courts will often consider a bail reduction if the original amount is unusually high for the charges. A reduction in the bail amount may allow you to gather the much-needed funds for release. If the charges against your loved one aren't serious, talk to the attorney about getting your loved one released on their own recognizance. OR releases are often available for lesser crimes. An OR release will allow your loved one to leave police custody without posting bail.

Ask for Assistance From Family and Friends

If you're having a hard time coming up with cash and collateral for your loved ones bail bond, it's time to ask for assistance from family and friends. It's not uncommon to feel a bit of embarrassment about asking for help with bail. However, asking for help from the people in your inner circle can provide you with the funds you need to get your loved one out of jail.

Utilize the Equity in Your Home

If you own your own home, utilize the equity to secure your loved one's release. A home equity loan will allow you to post the cash portion of your home without putting an undue burden on your monthly budget. It's important to note that you can also use your home to satisfy the collateral portion of your loved one's bail bond.

Withdraw Funds From Your Retirement Account

If you have a retirement account, talk to your employer about utilizing an emergency withdrawal of funds. Most retirement accounts can be borrowed against for emergency purposes. One of the benefits of using your retirement account is that the funds you withdraw will not be taxed. Because you continue to make deposits to your retirement account, the funds should be restored before you retire.

If your loved one has been arrested, and you're trying to obtain a bail bond release for them, use the methods described above to secure the funds you'll need for the bond.